Valchromat and not pickled steel dominate the walls while the tone burned on the floors contrasts with the warm tones of copper: “Il Padellino” welcomes pizza lovers with a spectacular vision of the high-tech kitchen behind a wall of glass. In a cage of copper it’s set the bar counter and next, in a second cage, dominates the oven with the work plan of the pizza maker. The restaurant is divided into two rooms (150mq.): the first facing towards the course, with tables wood beams. The second, towards via Revel, with tables more classic and a longer leather bench on the back of the room.

The walls drawn by Stefano Cerruti (BSA) with the collaboration of Corrado Castiglioni are actually true installations that hide works of Corrado Bonomi and Stefania Ricci, made from a special fabric coppery the walls become screens that, once enlightened (it’s the public that can push a big red button next to the table), become transparent and allow to discover the paintings of the two artists. Other “playful”element: a kind of track that runs around the oven with a little train carrying ideally ingredients stuffing pizzas.

Unusual combinations between tradition and innovation that can warm the atmosphere helping to create a pleasant and comfortable environment.